Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fabulous Pose

Hi!!! this is my dining! it is simple, but cozy and sexy like me hahahaha! It has a big open door,and behind me you can see my garden, when we dine together with kids we enjoyed looking outside the garden while kevin is playing and messing with the plants.

As you know I love interior decorating, and being a farmer I love gardening too, and this both reflects consistently in my personality.

In this corner where my fresh red roses gives more color to my dining area, as I love black and red color it adds more accent to the place with the bold cream curtain are simple ways to freshen up the black and red look, and ME! With this posed... It gives more life to the picture cause I think I have a good chemistry with it.

So, go ahead and pick something that really catches your eyes! which is more beautiful? those red roses or ME? hahahaha

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