Tuesday, March 31, 2009


His favorite part of his life is going out with his mom, but never likes shopping, cause usually I spent 3 hours or more at the shopping mall. As you can see on the picture kevin was asleep on top of the cart while his mom is busy selecting shoes and other things for them too.


KEVIN the youngest, cute and funny little one, he spent most of his time in watching kiddie shows on t.v. and cartoon networks. What he likes most is the TOM and JERRY show, BEN 10 and BARNEY shows. While his mom is busy doing household chores, he's also busy playing and watching t.v. shows and sometimes falls to sleep on the floor, and I'll just left him there sleeping.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Four Season Hotel In Bahrain

One time I was shopping in Seef Mall in manama, one of the most exclusive mall in bahrain and I happen to see this miniature of the proposed development in Bahrain Bay. I had taken this picture because I was fascinated by its design like a twisting high rise building. This is just one of the project that the company where my ex-husband was working. It's so big that it will create as one of the landmark in manama bahrain. This is just a small part in Bahrain Bay that will be constructed because there are more plenty and more breathtaking design building. If I can have the chance to visit again Bahrain, I would like to witness this fulfillment as most of the people there are expecting.

My Ipod Schuffle From A Friend

I've been to chatroom several times before, I am very lucky that I met this wonderful man from India, so loving and cares about me. I can't believe that someone like him will like me for who I am, as simply as being me.

Guess what? First he sent me a ferrero rocher chocolate which he bought it from the express regalo on internet. And just the other day, when I arrived home an LBC envelope was waiting for me on top of my woman's magazine beside my computer table. It does not surprise me after I was informed by him that he booked an ipod schuffle for me at the same web site the express regalo. I am so happy and grateful for it, even wondered what it would be like to have an ipod schuffle?

Allow me to tell you first, while we were chatting that day, he asked me about my likes and told him I love listening to music. And there was a topic that I brought up and we misunderstood each other's opinion that time we were chatting. And he said to me IM PISSED OFF! And he logged out. He left me online and my room was in storm of tears that time. After 5 minutes he came back on line. Unexpectedly he said to me JANET I BOOKED AN IPOD SCHUFFLE FOR YOU and it will be delivered to you after 7days. He wiped my tears with his smile after reading those lines. I am grateful of this ipod schuffle that he sent me. It has 1 GB of storage that I can download all my favorite music in it. It can install up to 500 songs. I can easily clip it in my pocket everytime I go to work at the farm. I can use it when I do my morning walking exercise and even I'm playing with my kids at the playground. This ipod schuffle came out to be my personal partner. Everytime I listen to it, it gives me peace and pleasure, and in times of pressures and problems I can turn to my ipod schuffle to listen to my music and it eases my mind. I can say it's very useful. Thanks to the man who thoughtfully provided me with this.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My money tree

This plant was given to me as a gift by a friend and its called the money tree. it has diffrent colors of flowers sometimes red sometimes yellow, what i'm most interested in this is that it gives me signs if i have money coming or nothing is coming.I consider this as a joke tree but sometimes i want to believe in it.

One of my favorite spot in my home was the lanai in front of my house where i meet every new

day and start the day with a good coffee where i can smell the sweet aroma of my coffee and the cold early breeze of air and kevin my son messing with all the plants. hahahaha!this is also the place where i welcome my friends and visitors.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Night Out With My Friends

A great atmosphere and very welcoming ambiance, with different styles of music at night with quality sound and sophisticated drinks on the bar where friends and I went. This is the venue of my choice after all there's nothing wrong with a little showing off my looks and dos. It's a nice place to go where I can relax and regain energy. There is an exclusive chill-out lounge where we enjoy to endulge and have a quiet drink,or just have fun together. Sometimes tensions is so thick,trying to cut it, too much pressures are sometimes difficult to manage, to escape from the pressures of life. I believe that night out with friends can be helpful and relaxing. Happy weekend.