Monday, April 6, 2009

Close Friends

We are indeed close friends, and we sit down together and talk about our past when we were in our high school days. Those are still fresh in our minds this somehow strengthen the bonds between us as friends. It has given me a great deal every time we plan to have a night out or visit one of our friends house, and have fun. Once in a week, WE DONT MISS IT OUT. It's also important to remember that we should be combined with some social aspects, aside from being tied up with our kids as moms. Everytime we sit together, we discuss about our looks, our kid sand even how we run for the money. With regards to this issue I keep my mouth shut for I never have allowed myself to tackle such an issue regarding money matters. But I can be a good advise as a woman how we handle our relationship with our males,hmmmmnnn!
interesting, bold and funny. hahahahaha
Let me introduce them to you.

From right:thats Mae.ME sweetjanet,Leni,Grace and Judy
you can visit them at their friendster...see you there!

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