Sunday, February 1, 2009

Me as a mom

Hello its me again janet, You know being a mom and an ordinary farmer who's having a living just to make our ends meet does not mean my life ends there as everybody portray to their mind to be boring and miserable. I manage to keep myself open to widen my learnings and understanding and keep myself on new trends in life, new opportunity and explore every nature a woman can. Most of the time i stay at home with my kids play with them,laugh with them sing with them and sometimes cry with them too. I dont usually go out although i have some friends but i prefer to stay home. I have a few friends on line whom i find interesting and respectable in the same way i am to them. I love collecting shoes,watches and perfumes that's why you saw me in Gucci there while i was in hongkong that time.But it does not mean i'm a brat one.its just that i'm good in keeping things,That is my secret of being me in a simple way. I want to be an example to every mom that life must be on the move and continue to explore and so must i.


Tulip said...

nice message i like it. you are a hot mum hehehe

Minie said...

nice message keep it up!

Janet said...

the way i see you is that your possitively fascinated by your personal view in life in a simple manner yet very inspiring.